A much loved highlight of many of our events is the naughty Erotic Tombola, it’s something we have been doing for 5 years now and we have had some amazing prizes, everything from a vibrating koala to a Doxy massager!

So do make sure you also have a go or 3 on our Smutty EroticTombola. With a range of sexy and fun prizes you could instantly win all sorts of amazingly sexy stuffs!

We now take our #EroticTombola to lots of smut events, playdays, munches, fetish fairs and SmutMarkets.

If you’d like us to run an Erotic Tombola at your munch, party, social event or whatever then get in touch we are always open to working with new partners and new events.

Prizes Needed!

We are also always looking for companies that wish to become our Partners in Smut and help provide prizes.

We offer a lot of online and on the day advertising in exchange!