Trading at SmutMarket

SmutMarket takes place at Miss T’s in Stockport we have a mixture of traders selling their kinky crafts, from the cute and sexy to the mean and thuddy or wicked and stingy.

We aim for a fun and friendly atmosphere with a laid back free event that helps people add something a little special to their kit bags.

If you’d like to join the team and trade with us then we have the following packages available on a first come first served basis with previous traders being offered first refusal.

Basic Package – upto 3 Available Includes a 4ft school table and 2 wooden chairs. You can also have a roller banner but it must be behind the table.    £15

Silver Package – upto 2 Available Includes a 6ft folding table and 2 folding chairs plus extra space for a roller banner.    £20

Small Space Only Package in social area – 1 Available Includes space for a small stand/roller banner/table and a folding chair.    £10

Medium Space Only Package – upto 2 Available Includes space for a 6ft table. 2 folding chairs and extra space for a small stand and roller banner.    £20

Large Space Only Package – 1 Available Includes space for upto two 6ft rables or some other stall setup plus 2 folding chairs.    £30

Private Room Package – 1 Available Half Private Room Hire (The rest of the room is used for equipment storage only) plus a nice big comfy executive chair.    £40

Specialist Room Package – 1 Available Small Private Room with a Massage Table and Leather chair for those wishing to offer treatments.    £20

Interested in Trading with us?

Please send us a message with the package you require and a few details about your business and the products you sell. We aim to reply to all enquires within 48 hours.